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1. 1.To extend and improve access of cancer care area by using available infrastructure and under controlled supervision, through creation of nodal cancer units and community point of contact for cancer.

2. To reduce the cost of cancer care burden to the families.

3. To empower local areas with activities related to early detection of cancer , public education on cancer, cancer counseling

4. To offer humanitarian services to much needy cancer patients.


1. To offer cancer counseling services at district level( Concept of Techno-Mentoring)

2. To offer chemotherapy services in district hospital.

3. To offer post treatment follow up care.

4. To initiate palliative care at rural level.

5. To offer proper referral service to higher centers.

6. To offer cancer education to the patient and extended education services to the relatives.

7. Uplift the cancer awareness in the society and to break the myth about cancer.

8. To engage more patients in controlled cancer care.

9. To create basis for expansion to early detection activities.

10. To create centers for cancer registry, data collection.

11. To save and properly redistribute government resources.

Secondary Objectives

1. Identifying cancer patients from every village of the district

2. Review the information available with the patient about the disease.

3. Assist patients in understanding the information available with them

4. Educate about the options of treatment for cancer

5. Inform about cancer care centers

6. Educate about the cost of treatment

7. Motivate to come forward for treatment

8. Inform about various financial support systems available

9. Empower the patient and family with comprehensive information about cancer.

10. Educate paramedical forces in early detection of cancer

11. Submit the available data to local health authorities

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