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National Cancer Society, a not profit healthcareNGO, was established in 2001 with aim of improving cancer care.The mission of the organization is expanding access to cancer care, so that,” everybody gets cared for”.

We have successfully established a unique innovative model of health care delivery using existing human and physical resources through principles of decentralization, empowerment, capacity building, task shifting. The model has proven the feasibility of taking specialized care to periphery and possibility of decongesting specialized tertiary centers.

We work in partnership with the government, to empower state run hospitals in cancer care.

We have trained more than 200 physicians and 400 nurses. The program is running as District Cancer Care Programof the states in India (Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh ).It has running cancer units in district hospitals with services catering to the needs of cancer patients.Assistance is provided from diagnostics unto end of life care including chemotherapy and palliative care.


National cancer Society wishes to help cancer patients in their journey of care. Patients can visit government run district hospitals covered by us and will get, opinion, treatment and best possible available care. The physician is technically backed by us and is physically backed by all state governments, wherever the program is running.

Patients can approach us for counselling , opinion and all related issues.

Local physician of government cancer unit is your focal point of contact for cancer.

You can use this website also to send your documents for opinion.

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